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Snacks and Magazines; The importance of carrying a light attitude in life

On the journey to enlightenment, it is easy to narrow our attention on an end result with a very specific idea of where we want to end up and who we want to become. And when we don’t realise these end results quickly, we become frustrated.

In this journey called life however, our attitude is of utmost importance. Gentleness, patience and enjoyment are indispensable backpack essentials on this journey. By fixing on an end result, we could easily be thrown off course and as a result, when we go through a rough patch, our commitment suffers.

The truth however remains that along the path, there are sure to be bumps. Perhaps we set an intention to meditate everyday but we get busy or forget, and fall off track. Or maybe our goal is to be less reactive in our daily dealings with other people yet we catch ourselves time without number giving in to that impulse.

We should expect these challenges and try to bring along a sense of lightness and friendliness. This path is a long one with some days downhill and smooth, others uphill and rough. Rick Fields once said: “The road to enlightenment is long and difficult and we should try not to forget snacks and magazines.” So be kind to yourself and remember that the way you walk the path is just as important as where it leads.


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