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Do good even if it doesn’t seem to matter

You may think to yourself, what does it matter if I do good to a stanger, I may never see him again; or what does it matter if I do a random job well, I may never see this client again or worse this client might not even notice.

There are a lot of seemingly unimportant things that nobody cares about so why does it matter to do them well?

A job, a kind gesture, a benevolent smile, your unmerited attention, a token of appreciation etcetera might not matter in the grand scheme of things but it’s still worth doing.

There are a number of benefits when you do good things for others. Firstly it lets you feel good. By nature, we are pro social creatures so our bodies react with a burst of joy and satisfaction when we’ve contributed even just a little to the well being of others or when we do good in general.

What’s better is that these actions are good for out health as they release vital chemicals such as dopamine and the likes essential for healthy living and optimal functioning of our bodies.

Psychologically, doing good gives us a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It lets you take pride in what you’ve chosen to do and not look to others for validation. Moreover when you do good, you are less likely to leave problems behind. When you do a poor job, it may eventually come back to bite us. If you do things well you can stay calm knowing that you have no backlogs looming over you. What a relief.

Doing things well that might not seem as important; and paying attention to quality, ethics and details can help distinguish you from others and help build you a solid reputation that is not just for show. Even if no one finds out or appreciates, you are doing it for yourself remember.

Maybe nobody will ever find out that you left the work undone or that you treated someone poorly because you thought they were unimportant; but you will know, you are somebody. You will always know and remember. A wise man once said the greatest disservice you’ll do to yourself is to lie to your own self.

Remember to make things good when you work and interact with others. The true quality of a man is in what he does that he does not have to do and the true test of a man’s character is in that which he does when no one is watching.


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